Whitefella Walkabout | What is a Whitefella Walkabout tag-along trip?
what is a Whitefella Walkabout tag-along trip? 

it’s pretty straightforward really

i am travelling to many wild and remote places around Australia in my Toyota Landcruiser, often spending weeks and months Outback or in the bush somewhere. I have a fair amount of 4WD recovery gear … so if we get into strife I can almost always get myself and others out safely.
you "tag along" with me in your own vehicle as we drive down some dirt tracks ... some of which can be pretty rough depending on where we are … and we visit some amazing places to photograph landscapes and wildlife. In most cases just a little 4WD experience is all you will need. The rest you will pick up along the way as you travel with other experienced folk who have done this many times before.
you bring your camping gear and we spend the nights sleeping under the stars and swapping yarns around a campfire.
you bring your camera and photographic equipment, we get up really early to take lots of photos and we share our experience and knowledge as well as our photos. In the evening we take more photos of the sunset and in the ‘blue hour' after sunset
The cost of the tag-along trips is very reasonable. Just give me a call, or send me an email and we can work something out depending on the trip you have in mind
I hope to hear from you soon. 
Whitefella WalkaboutWhitefella WalkaboutRed chalk portrait by Cliff Hosking ... see cliffhoskingart.com.au for more of his work