Whitefella Walkabout | tag along photographic trips
are you a photographer? 
would you like to visit some of the remote and wild places you see in my photographs?
then perhaps you would like to join me on a “tag along” photographic trip
many of the photos you see here on my web site were taken in some very special places. Getting to these spots sometimes requires a 4WD vehicle with high ground clearance and the skills and equipment to drive through some very rough country and get out of trouble when required. I can be off in the bush for weeks at a time exploring and waiting for the right light in the morning or a full moon. At other times all you will need is a standard 4WD vehicle (which you can hire) and a little bush camping gear.

I can show you some pretty amazing places that you might not otherwise get to see such as:
Mitchell Falls (WA)
CREB Track (QLD)
Kakadu (NT), 
Gulf Country (QLD)


i would be very happy to show you how I get the kind of images you can see on my web site. I’m very grateful to the many people who have shared their experience and knowledge with me and it would be a real pleasure to pass along what I can to help you improve your photography

you may be an experienced photographer in which case I would love to have a yarn about your experiences over an Outback camp fire. If you are still getting to grips with a new camera, or one you have pulled out of the cupboard then I will be happy to share what I have learned about digital photography … as well as the many things I find challenging about it
whatever your photographic or 4WD experience I can promise that you will have some amazing adventures that will take you to places you may never otherwise get to
still not sure what a photographic tag along trip entails … then click here
i’ve been bogged many times and helped quite a few people who got themselves into strife. Preparation is key and having some backup help travelling with you can be very handy! You need the right vehicle, recovery equipment, spares and a bit of experience to get deep into the Kimberleys, remote parts of the Pilbara and the less well visited parts of the Snowy Mountains and Alpine National Parks, to name just a few. Of course bad weather can make many places like the Canning Stock Route in WA and the CREB track in the Daintree Rainforest particularly hairy!
apart from having the right vehicle the length of the trip determines how much food and water you need to take. Eating right and drinking sufficient water can make the difference between a very enjoyable trip into the wild places or an uncomfortable experience you would rather forget. I carry sufficient to live out in the bush for up to a month but it is more usual for me to be away for two weeks before I hit the next town. I still have my espresso coffee every morning, but there are some things I do without, especially on my longer trips. On the shorter trips, up to 1 week, I can provide a catered or semi-catered option, so all you may need is a vehicle and a swag. Please let me know if you would prefer this
i live on the road so my next trip to one of the wild places depends which part of the country I am in at the time.
click here to see a rough itinerary, but remember that this can change.
want to join me for a few days or a few weeks? ... then click here to get in touch