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karlamilyi (rudall river) national park, western australia



Karlamilyi National Park, formerly known as Rudall River National Park is the second largest national park in Australia and the most remote park in WA. There are no renegers located at the park and all visitors must be completely self-sufficient for food, water and fuel. There are two Aboriginal communities located within or near the park but these require a lengthy round trip to visit.

Many roads within the park require 4WD and some will need low-range gearing and high ground clearance.

where is it It is located about 350km east of Marble Bar in Western Australia. 
when to go April thru October are the most popular months for visiting Karlamilyi NP

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how to get there By air


  By road

A four wheel drive vehicle is essential to reach almost all the locations mentioned here at any time of year

From Perth via Newman - view map

From Broome via Marble Bar - view map

From Port Hedland via Tom Price and Newman - view map











photographic features

Desert Queen Baths in Karlamilyi National Park.

Desert Queen Baths is the name given to eight pools (four of which are permanent) in the Fingoon Range which is located within Karlamilyi (Rudell River) National Park in Western Australia between the Great Sandy Desert and the Little Sandy Desert. The last 18km of track takes about 75 minutes to traverse across creeks and rocky outcrops. The first pool is about 50 metres inside a small gorge and is only visible from about 20 metres away. Such a relief to be able to have a swim in this remote country. There are no facilities and no rangers located out here … so you have to be self-sufficient in every way if you are going to visit this country.



Tjingkulatjatjarra is a waterhole situated about 9km east of the main, north-south road through Karlamilyi National Park. It is a small waterhole that is important to the birds, insects and other wildlife in the area. There is a small camp site next to the water and we watched a pair of Australasian Grebes sitting on a nest with three eggs during our last visit.




Graphit Valley Track

The Graphite Valley Track winds south of the east-bound road for about 13km


Northern Hand Pump

The northern hand pump is located just north of the park boundary. The water was clear and good for drinking in September 2014. Other reports generally state that the water is good here. The local birds understand that people visit the pump to draw water and they gather around for a drink once you move about three metres away from the pump. Galahs and finches were common around here.



Southern Hand Pump

The southern hand pump is located just south of the park boundary and about 9km north of the Talawana Track. As at September 2014 the pump has been broken for some time and no water is available here. There is a good, shaded camp area under some tall trees around the pump. We heard some owls the last time we visited and took some photos of the grasses and trees under a full moon.



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