Whitefella Walkabout | how to use this site

how to use this web site

It might help you to get the most from your visit to Whitefella Walkabout Photography if I briefly explain what you will find here and how to use it.


my photography

... is organised under the menu called Photography ... naturally

... click on a location on the menu to view the Collections within each state or country

... click on a Collection to view the set of photographic images


viewing a photo 

... one image is displayed in the centre of your screen

... the thumbnail pictures of every photo in the current collection are shown at the bottom of the screen

... there is a menu at the top left hand corner on each photo. You can

... buy a photo (and choose what size and mounting you would like) ... prices start from a few dollars and increase based on size and the type of mounting and finish you choose. Please read the instructions to let us know what you would like and how to get it to you

... share a link to a photo with your friends

... mark a photo as a favourite

... watch a slideshow of all the images in a Collection

... view a photo in full screen (dim the lights)


Elsewhere on the Whitefella Walkabout web site you will find

... my blog ... which I try and update whenever I have an Internet connection ...

... information about my current and upcoming trips and photographic destinations in Australia and Africa

... news


"tag along" photographic tours

I visit some amazing places in Australia and Africa, some of which are very remote and require a serious 4WD vehicle and the ability to live in the bush for several weeks, whilst others take me to far more accessible places of great beauty nearer to human civilisation.

Please contact me if you are interested in joining me on one of my "tag along trips" into the Australian or African bush