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I was very fortunate to grow up in Kenya, East Africa and live where I could spend as much time in the bush as possible. Riding on horse back through old growth forests with trees over a hundred feet tall and listening to the Colobus Monkeys chattering noisily high up in the canopy was something I never got enough of. In another direction I was in easy reach of the Ngong Hills overlooking Masai Country. These are the hills you might have seen in the film "Out of Africa". They are often very green, with rich red soil, and can be covered in mist until quite late in the morning. Once the mist clears you gaze down two thousand feet to the bottom of the Great Rift Valley. You can usually see the other side through the haze about twenty to thirty miles away.


The experiences that I had riding out in the bush and getting as close to the wildlife as possible are an intrinsic part of me and gave me the thirst I have to get out bush ... whichever country I have found myself in.



These are some destinations that I, and others, believe are well worth visiting for the sheer scenic beauty, the light, as well as the colours and textures that you see in the photos. I have been to many of these places, some of them more than once, but there are still so many that I haven't made it to. These are marked with an asterisk (*) ... but I'm planning a huge trip to Africa at some stage.


photographic destinations
Tanzania Rift Valley and its Lakes
  Mount Kilimanjaro *
  Serengeti National Park
  Ngorongoro Conservation Area *
  Selous Game Reserve *
Kenya Mount Kenya
  Masai Mara National Park *
  Lake NatronLake TurkanaLake Naivasha & Lake Nakuru
  Aberdare National Park
  Tsavo West National Park
Botswana Moremi Game ReserveOkavango Delta
  Chobe Game Reserve
  Central Kalahari Game Reserve
South Africa Kruger National Park
  Kgalagadi Transfrontier National Park
  Cape Town and surrounds
  Drakensberg Mountains & Tugela Falls
Namibia Namib Naukluft National Park
  Luderitz, Kolmanskop & the Spergerrbiet
  Skeleton Coast Park
  Etosha National Park
  Fish River Canyon
Zambia Lake Kariba *
Uganda Ruwenzori Mountains *